I would like to make special mention of some of the people who have made major contributions to the project...

Ralphine Harris

Ralphine has, for most of 2007 and 2008, provided the physical infrastructure for the prototyping workshop. Without her genrerosity, the project would have been impossible.

Tim Maslen

Tim provided the the workshop facilities for the first proof-of-concept instrument as well as many hours of fruitful discussion concerning all aspects of the project.

Bob Brozman

Bob provided the initial germ of the idea; a guitar that an African orphan can make for themselves. Bob has also been very enthusiastic and encouraging when play testing the instruments.

Mic Conway

Mic very genrously sponsored one of the first prototypes and is now the proud owner of SN 008, a four string "tenor guitar". I am very pleased to be involved with Mic's music as I have admired and enjoyed it for many years.

Rakesh Bhula

Rakesh very genrously provided additional tools to the project after briefly meeting me at a trade show in Brisbane in May 2008. I am very grateful for his random act of kindness and intend to put it to very good use.

Anonymous Benefactor

Thank you very much to the generous person who sponsored me to go to a trade show in Brisbane in May 2008. The show generated a lot of interest in the project and I know it will be a major milestone in the project's success.

The Australian Federal Government

Charles is currently in supported by the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS); an initiative of the Australian Federal Government.


I greatfully acknowledge the support of many people and look forward to adding many more names to this list :)

Charles Neville,
Principle Designer.

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